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Pinjra Drama Story & OST

Pinjra is a Pakistani drama television series directed by Najaf Bilgrami, written by late-Pakistani screenwriter Asma Nabeel. The series is produced by Shazia Wajahat under banner Showcase Productions. It is set to premier on 6 October 2022 on ARY Digital with double episodes every week. The series stars Hadiqa Kiani, Omair Rana, with child actors Aashir Wajahat, Aina Asif and Ahmed Usman in leading roles.


Producer Shaiza Wajaht revealed in September 2021 that pre-production work on the last script of screenwriter and playwright Asma Nabeel, has been started. She revealed that Najaf Bilgrami will direct the series who was also the director of Nabeel’s 2019 series Damsa. In December 2021, it reported that singer turned actress Hadiqa Kiani has been cast in the leading role with Omair Rana and Aashir Wajahat. It marked her third acting project after Raqeeb Se and Dobara.

Drama Story:

The story of Pinjra explores sibling rivalry as well as mistrust between parents and children.

As a mother, she wants all her children to be the best they can be, without understanding their individuality. As for his husband, Javed Rehman runs a multinational company as well as takes equally strict care of his three children and wife.

Based on a family story, Pinjra illustrates how time differences in cultural values can change one’s feelings towards one’s children from healthy to suffocating in no time at all.

Pinjra is a 2022 Ary Digital drama with an amazing story and OST. Pinjra Pakistani drama OST lyrics in Urdu are a mixture of emotions and entertainment. Let’s look at the details of Pinjra drama song lyrics and singer details.

Singers: Hadiqa Kiani & Aashir Wajahat
Lyrics: Qamar Ali Wajid
Composer: Aashir Wajahat & Hassan Ali Hashmi


Khawab Chori Ker K Kyun Laay Gae
Khawahishien Puri Kyun Dy Gya
Jo Na Kehna Tha Vo Keh Gia
Jane Kyun Jane Kyun
Sansow Se Laay Gia Rooh

Kyun Sitam Ho Gia Bewaja
Jeena Bhi Lag Raha Hai Saza
Mola Tu Rehai Daay
Bundia Tu Duhai Daay
Rasta Na Dekhai Daay
Mola Tu Rehai Daay

Chup Chup K Rote Rahe
Apnow Ko Bhi Khote Rahe
Thora Hai Khud Se Rabta
Chah K Bhi Urr Na Paoow
Mein Falak Se Jurr Na Paoow
Pinjra Hi Mera Gher Bana

Bhool Se Huvi Khata
Jaanien Bhi Krien Hum Fidda
Dil Mein Khalish Si Rah Gai
Kyun Sitam Ho Gia Bewaja
Jeena Bhi Lag Raha Hai Saza
Mola Tu Rehai Daay
Bundia Tu Duhai Daay
Rasta Na Dekhai Daay
Mola Tu Rehai Daay

Tu Hi Rothow Ko Manane Vala Hai
Tu Hi Bichrow Ko Milane Vala Hai
Teri Duniya Mein Kia Nhe Mumkin
Tu Zare Ko Zariya Banane Vala Hai

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