Shaheen injury

Shaheen Afridi’s INJURY

Pakistan versus England in the T20 World Cup final warranted for a whole lot of shock and excitement, comparisons to the 92 World Cup (while blatantly ignoring 2009’s win), a gazillion memes and a generous helping of positivity. Despite India’s brutal defeat at the hands of England in the semifinal, Pakistanis had great faith in the Green Shirts. While the batting was disappointing, they made up for it with their bowling attack. The turning point of the match though, according to netizens, was Shaheen Shah Afridi’s exit.

England won the T20 World Cup for the second time, beating Babar Azam’s Pakistan in the final at MCG on Sunday night by five wickets. One of the turning points in the game was the 16th over. After bowling just one ball, Shaheen left the field as he was struggling to run in due to some injury. He seemed to have done his knee there again. The over was completed by Iftikhar Ahmed and he went for 13 runs in that over. From thereon, England got the momentum in the death overs and finished the game. Many Pakistan fans and spectators in general feel that Afridi’s injury was the turning point of the match.

Shaheen Shah Afridi landed awkwardly on his right knee. Medical panel is treating him and will provide any further update in due course.

Not to forget, Afridi had hurt his knee two overs before while taking a catch in the deep. He took a brilliant catch as he ran in hard and dived in front to take a stunning catch to send Harry Brook back. But he did his knee in the process. It is the same knee which has created issues for him in the past. He got the injury in Sri Lanka in july during Test series and was out for 3 months before making a comeback in World Cup.

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